Apollo 5K • Wheels Add-on

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Add wheels to your Apollo 5K and 5K Expansion Batteries! The Apollo 5K or 5K Expansion Batteries securely mount onto the chassis. Up to 3 Expansion Batteries and the Apollo can be stacked in a tower on top of the wheels.

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  • Apollo 5K • Wheels Add-on x 1 $149.99
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30-day any-reason Returns · 5-year Warranty

Apollo 5K

Wheels Add-on
  • 30-day any-reason Returns
  • 5-year Warranty

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We want you to believe in the Apollo 5K as much as we do. That’s why we’re offering a 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee. So you don’t have to say yes now, try it out now and decide later.

Customer Reviews

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Doug A
Meets Its Purpose

I purchased an add-on battery for my Apollo 5K unit, and decided that a set of wheels would be helpful in case I need to move the unit, as it is quite heavy with both units put together. Not much to say other than the cart seems to be well made, and fit the units very well.

Balvino Irizarry

Apollo 5K • Wheels Add-on

Steve Vaughan
Looks great - I think it's gonna work

Had bad luck with the order - took 2 deliveries for the panels to arrive - thus really haven't done anything with the unit yet. So the reason it's only a 4 star.

Extremely well built - super well thought out. This is not a cheapo China rig... great stuff

Well designed - really rugged with quality in the design. This is NOT cheapo Chinese junk. Really good, heavy duty.

Marcus Moore
Wheels cart

The wheel cart is a solid high quality addition. It fits perfectly to the battery or unit and has a locking bracket to secure it. It rolls very smoothly and is very sturdy. I highly recommend this addition for "in door" or the bigger cart for "in /out door " use. So far I am very pleased with the panels, unit, extra battery, and wheel cart. I cannot believe how QUIET the Apollo 5K is. Everything has worked flawlessly for me so far. My setup: (8) 410w panels, (1) Unit , (1) extra battery, (1) wheel cart. providing up to 3280W solar @ 300v which easily supplies my needs and keeps my 10kw bank charged. My array is 150Ft away and the power is routed to the unit using 8g wire. (1 red, 1 black).