Here’s what you need to know about Warranties and Returns.


All Hysolis products are covered under our warranty.
Your Solar Generator comes with a 2-year Warranty. The batteries inside your Solar Generator come with a 3-year Warranty. Solar Accessories come with a 1-year Warranty. Solar Panels come with a 25-year Warranty.
The warranty doesn’t cover any product that has been inappropriately disassembled, modified, damaged, or otherwise mistreated.


You can return any product within 30-days for any reason (as long as it hasn’t been damaged, modified, or taken apart).
We’ll waive any restocking fees and pay your return shipping cost if you’re returning it because of a mistake we made (wrong product, broken product, malfunctioning, etc.)
If you’re returning something just because you don’t want the product anymore, then you will be charged a restocking fee. Solar Panel and Accessory returns cost a 20% restocking fee. Solar Generator returns cost a 30% restocking fee.


If you’re having any difficulties with your purchase, please contact us before trying to return the product. We would like to troubleshoot the issue you’re having and hopefully solve your problem. After talking with you, if we determine that there is something wrong with your product, you will be given a refund or exchange according to the terms of the warranty.

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