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your All-in-one System for Sustainable Power

Our modular products empower you to take control of your power no matter where you are.

What our customers say!

We love our Hysolis systems! Our SPS6K powers our entire farm house. We also have a smaller unit which powers our well pump. Our customer experience has been excellent. The representative I spoke with is a champ! We had some installation issues and he helped us from across the country! We highly recommend the company and their products.

Steve Marchese

Blue Ridge, Georgia

We purchased the Hysolis MPS3K because after much study, we could see it was the best of the big solar generators being offered. We already had a Bluetti AC200P. Nice, but not powerful enough to power all our appliances. We live completely off the grid. So, having a reliable power system is of utmost importance. The Hysolis MPS3K easily powers all. We are very happy with the amazing amount of reliable power the Hysolis MPS3K has provided for us. Thank you Hysolis!!"

Jhonathon Lavery

Sahuarita, Arizona

I can't say enough about the customer support that I received. Every time I had a question I got an answer very quickly... I have had it out for multiple nights giving this solar generator a full test. Not only did it outperform and give me the energy that I need but it regained its strength at super fast speeds. I plan on purchasing more in the future. And I fully recommend the Hysolis MPS3K as a solution for your mobile power needs!"

Jason Bostow

Tampa, Florida

200 watt solar panels on driveway that faces east, south and west. I can charge nine hours on a sunny day. Solar wires run into garage, through drywall and down to basement with solar charging connection to newer version of Hysolis (MPS3K). Extension cord to mostly subterranean basement 5000 BTU window unit. I was able to cool the whole basement using solar energy only. Battery charge remained close to 100%.

Repeat Hysolis Customer

Northern United States