Use Cases

Whether for home backup, off-grid living, mobile workstations, or saving on
your electric bill, we've got you covered.

Farm Power

Steve’s Story

One Hysolis customer, Steve Marchese in Blue Ridge, GA, uses our products to backup his entire house during power outages. We’re proud to support his beautiful property and ensure he and his family have consistent power!

“We love our Hysolis systems! Our SPS powers our entire farm house. We also have a smaller unit which powers our well pump. Our customer service has been excellent… We highly recommend the company and their products.”
– Steve Marchese

Off-Grid Oasis,

Jhon’s Story

Our customer Jhonathon Lavery in Sahuaritz, Arizona, chose to power his incredible property with Hysolis products. He is free to live in a gorgeous setting with the peace and natural beauty he desires. Thanks for choosing us for your energy needs, Jhon, and it’s an honor to support your lovely home!

“We purchased the Hysolis… because after much study, we could see it was the best of the big solar generators being offered… We live completely off the grid. So, having a reliable power system is of utmost importance. We have three houses on 4.5 acres of land in Arizona… I am a firm believer in it’s better to have more than you need, than not enough if the need arises… We are very happy with the amazing amount of reliable power the Hysolis MPS3K has provided for us. Thank you Hysolis!”
-  Jhonathan Lavery

Mobile Studio

Jason’s Story

One of our favorite applications has been the mobile recording studio of Jason Bostow. He powers an extremely professional setup using a Hysolis generator and solar panels on the roof of his trailer. Thanks to the flexibility of mobile power, he can record his podcast anywhere: parked next to the beach, camping in the forest, or anywhere else he is inspired to go.

“I’ve got the power. Everyone looking at this is in need of a portable power solution… After doing my fair share of research, I felt confident pulling the trigger on the Hysolis… My situation is unique. I’m creating a mobile recording studio out of oan old camper. I want to be able to run an air conditioner… I don’t want the restriction of having to be connected to shore power… I can’t say enough about the customer support that I received. Every time I had a question I got an answer very quickly… I plan on purchasing more in the future and I fully recommend the Hysolis MPS3K as a solution for your mobile power needs!”
-  Jason Bostow