Apollo Update (01-16-2023)

On January 12, 2023, a problem was identified with our Apollo 5K: a low current voltage leak. The voltage leak was not identified in our QA process due to the specific environment in which we performed our tests. We are taking this matter seriously. All Apollo 5K shipments are halted. We have identified the source of the problem in the Apollo design. Both the source of the problem and the solution appear to be relatively straightforward. But, to ensure we fully explore every possibility, we are still investigating the matter. Below we have outlined the specific milestones necessary to resolve this issue and resume shipments:

  1. Finish analysis of the voltage leak.
  2. After analysis is complete, the problem area will be refined by our team of engineers.
  3. Moving forward, we are substantially increasing the rigor of our QA process. Vetting is to be performed by testing in all potential use-case scenarios. All QA will be finalized by top American engineers.
  4. Finally, a 3rd party agency, TUV, will inspect, test, verify, and certify our Apollo unit.
  5. Then, and only then, will we commence production of the new units and begin shipping them out to customers.

We will continue to provide updates on progress over the coming weeks. We anticipate this process will take approximately 4-5 months, after which we will begin shipping units. The product will be worth the wait – it is truly the best solar generator in the industry. This community and our customers are our top priority and we will make every effort to remain transparent and rebuild your trust. To this end, every pre-order customer is eligible for a full refund, anytime between now and the date we ship your Apollo.



The Hysolis Team