Apollo 5K

Honestly Astounding

The absolute best solar generator on the market… Period

This system will meet your largest power demands. Keeping you living securely off-grid, keeping your house powered during grid outages, and making sure your project runs smoothly.

Render of unit plugged into house

Largest LifePO4 battery in any mobile solar generator

Store more energy than any other solar generator, keeping your appliances running until the sun shines again!  5376 Wh



Life Cycles



Years of Regular Use

Full Size Fridge

60 hrs

Mini Fridge

240 hrs

Large TV

110 hrs

LED Light

540 hrs


36 hrs


18 charges


8.5 hrs

Bedroom AC

? hrs

Huge, Rugged,
Indestructible Inverter

Most efficient inverter of ANY solar generator on the market. Greater than 94% efficiency!







All At

100 LED Lights



Full Size TV

Power Saw

Well Pump

Split-phase 240V power

With 2 Apollo units, power your stoves, electric dryers, large motors, and anything else that requires 240 V power.
2 stacked Apollo next to a dryer (Render)

Fast Charging
From Anywhere

Maximize the amount of energy you can “harvest” from the sun each day! This is your ultimate limit in the energy production capability of any solar generator, and ours is the best available.

Power Grid 4

Solar Power

4 kw

90 min

Power Grid 3

AC Power

3 kw

110 min

Power Grid 6

AC + Solar

6 kw

70 min

Modular & Expandable

Add up to 8 Expansion Batteries to a single Apollo, for a total of 48.38 kWh of LiFePO4 storage!

Add up to


Expansion Batteries

For a total



of LiFePO4 storate

Tons of Outputs for All the Flexibility You Need

A wide-variety of AC and DC inputs and outputs for powering a range of devices and charging from different sources.

Built-in, removable Wireless touchscreen

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Truly Portable

Wheels for mobility.  Internal battery easily removable to reduces the weight by half for easier transport.

The Apollo is Beautiful

Intentional and elegant. It is strong and simple, made of steel and aluminum, and designed for the simplicity for the user.

User For

Solutions for off-grid, portable, and backup power for your personal and professional needs.
Off Grid Power
everything from tiny-home to large homes and businesses
Portable Power
Project sites, remote offices, mobile homes
Backup Power
Securing your most important appliances and power needs through blackouts, whether short-or-long term