Take Ownership
Of Your Power

Massive Lithium-Ion Battery

High-quality Lithium-Ion, made by a premium Electric Vehicle battery manufacturer, 4500 Wh.

The MPS3K is safe, secure, and long-lasting.

Full Size Fridge

50 hrs

Mini Fridge

200 hrs


90 hrs

LED Lights

450 hrs

Desktop Computer

30 hrs


7 hrs

Laptop Computer

15 charges

Bedroom AC

9 hrs

Huge, Rugged,
Indestructible Inverter

3000 W Continuous, 6000 W Surge.
Be assured that this can power the most massive energy demands, from well pumps to power tools and more.

You can Run All of the following...
At Once:

100 LED Lights

Full Sized Refrigerator

Desktop Computer

Full Sized TV

Power Saw

Well Pump

Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Waveform is suitable for sensitive electronics. The AC Output comfortably runs electronic devices requiring perfect waveforms, such as computers and medical devices.





Fast Charging
From Anywhere

The MPS3K charges fast enough to ensure your battery will be re-filled when you have access to Solar or Grid power.

Power Grid 65

Solar Power

1500 W

3.5 hrs

Power Grid 100

AC Power

1200 W

3.75 hrs

Power Grid 100

AC + Solar

2700 W

1.75 hrs

Reliable. Built for the Toughest Conditions.

Built like a rock. Every component and build decision made with quality and longevity in mind.

Build Material

Mounting bars and a sheet metal case safeguard internal components that are secured to a steel frame. Each component, from the circuit boards to the crimped connections, is quality assured and under warranty.

Up to 25 years of reliable power.

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Rigid Mounting Bar

A functional and versatile component that protects the case and allows you to securely mount your unit.

Built-In Safeguards

Built-in protections safeguard against things like short-circuit, over/under temperature, oversized loads, keeping you and the unit safe from accidents.

Uninterruptible Power Supply

The MPS can use grid AC power until it detects a power outage and automatically switches to battery power!

Tons of Outputs for All the Flexibility You Need

A wide-variety of AC and DC inputs and outputs for powering a range of devices and charging from different sources.


Add batteries, or link entire units together, to grow the power system!
Add up to 5 Expansion Batteries for a total of 27 kWh of Battery Storage.

Hysolis Provides Solutions

Solutions for off-grid, portable, and backup power for your personal and professional needs.